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Welcome to our Website!

Tilson & Associates is a consulting firm specializing in wastewater collection system operations. Our firm is unique in both the services we provide and our method of delivery. We are a national company with diversified and specialized services to the industry, focusing on educational and consulting programs for field operations and management.

Education is the single best investment any utility can make in its personnel. Education provides not only the immediate benefits a safer, more effective work force in the field, it provides the ground work to groom both existing and future management personnel to assume greater responsibilities within the utility. This is the approach Tilson & Associates uses in how we provide our various services to wastewater utilities.

Through the process of evaluation and education, most issues facing today’s collection system utility can be more easily faced. This is the approach we take when providing field training on equipment, cMOM audits, or PM program initiatives, education of utility personnel is our first concern.

We welcome you to browse our site and keep in mind that our programs are tailored to specific issues or concerns to the utilities we work with.

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